Plug and Play Pilih 13 Startup yang Lebih Variatif

09 Jan 2018

 Akselerator startup Plug and Play (PnP) mengusung sembilan startup terpilih di angkatan keduanya. Pada angkatan terbaru ini, startup yang dipilih PnP masih didominasi oleh fintech dengan variasi startup lintas sektoral.

PnP, akselerator asal Silicon Valley, AS, tak memungkiri kebutuhan masyarakat akan solusi keuangan masih tinggi. Itu sebabnya startup fintech kembali yang paling banyak terpilih.

President Director PnP Indonesia, Wesley Harjono, berkata sebenarnya mereka bisa saja memilih startup yang lebih populer. Akan tetapi, Wesley tak ingin startup yang mereka pilih hanya bergelut di satu bidang saja.

"Kalau fintech-fintech melulu apa enggak bosan?" ucap Wesley di markas PnP Indonesia di bilangan Rasuna Said, Jakarta Selatan, Selasa (9/1).

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Sara Dhewanto, Founder of duithape

10 Dec 2017

Tell me anything you want about your venture:

Basically, it is virtual banking for the unbanked. In Indonesia, 80% of Indonesians don’t have bank accounts which makes it extremely difficult for funds to flow freely. I found that to be a big issue in my previous jobs. It is completely necessary for Indonesians to be able to make remittances easily, to have cashless payments, to have access to basic financial services. So that’s why we’re doing it.

In your view, are there ways in which women could maybe benefit more from this service? How are women specifically affected by a lack of access to financial capital?

Basically, this app we have – the app is just the technology, but it’s based on communities. There’s the distribution side, where we have to work with a lot of agents. Anybody who has our app basically has a minutes (pulsa) store in their hand – without needing to own a physical store. This actually fits really well with women who stay at home. They would be able to not only provide a service but also obtain sources of additional income. This would enable, for example, women who are looking for a part-time job to have additional income without having to leave home. So actually it is very much fitting for women.

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