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  • Location: Kecamatan Singajaya, Kecamatan Peundeuy, dan Kecamatan Cikajang, Garut, West Java
  • Date: 11 May 2022


Disbursement of Zakat Ramadan 2022 in Garut, West Java

Through the duithape application system, digital payments, including the distribution of zakat, can be easily made. The process is fast and secure, helping many beneficiaries to disburse the benefits immediately.

This year, zakat disbursement is carried out in 3 sub-districts, in the Garut area of ??West Java, namely :

1. Singajaya District which includes Sukamulya Village, Pancasura Village, Ciudian Village and Sukawangi Village)

2. Peundeuy District: Toblong Village.

3. Cikajang District : Cikandang Village.

The total zakat recipients are 550 recipients, the process runs smoothly starting from April 7, 2022 until it is completed. The community is very enthusiastic and touched by the zakat assistance from Uanghape, and is very grateful for the assistance provided. Hopefully it will be useful for all.