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  • Location: Ikata, Japan
  • Date: 2023-02-23


Duithape introduce SetorMuka in Ikata, Japan

A good news came from Duithape as a financial services company that supports inclusion biometrics. On February 22, 2023, Duithape held a demo day in an effort to support shopping and health management for senior citizens in Ikata, Japan. For information, Ikata is a small country located on the Nishiuwa peninsula of the city district, Ehime prefecture, Japan with a population of 8,497 and a population density of 90 people per km².

Located at the Ikata city hall, Sara Dhewanto as the CEO of Duithape gave a demonstration on how to manage face recognition technology or SetorMuka from Duithape.

What is the mechanism like?

• Residents who have registered come to the store, without needing to bring a smart device.

• On location, faces are linked to registered information.

• Stores will read residents' faces with smart devices.

• Then residents get what they need from the shop.

The Ikata government welcomes this demonstration, and hopes that with the support of this biometric technology it can help the elderly manage their finances and health. Moreover, the SetorMuka process is very easy, fast and safe so that it can be done by all ages, including the elderly.

In fact, it can be used and carried out by people who have minimal understanding of technology.

This system also makes it very possible for residents of Ikata to develop businesses starting in April 2023. Of course this will further improve the welfare of the people of Ikata in the future. Going forward, Duithape will continue to cooperate with any country or region.


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